Critical Comments

For Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

"This pleasant little rich in the detail of daily life... unpretentious and simple in the best possible sense of the1 word."

- Canadian Book Review Annual

"Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall is prose, but much of the tone and imagery is poetic."

- The Afro News (Vancouver)

"Honest, elegant and emotionally engaging. Sandiford's insight helps us feel, hear, and see the compassionate world his characters inhabit."

- Elena Rivera, author of Unknowne Land

"The detailing of character is thorough and intimate...."

- Paragraph

"...a writer of tremendous skill and promise."

- The Mail-Star (Halifax)

For Saraband

“Carolle Bourne is a fine poet with a rare combination of sensuality and wry wit. She can make words dance…able to express all the poignancy of loss and pain while retaining the mocking detachment of a latter-day Dorothy Parker. A truly original and refreshing voice from the Caribbean.”

- Pauline Melville

“I encourage her to put her poetry to music so I can sing her songs and not just read them.”

- Boscoe Holder

“Saraband is a collection of poetry that will reward the reader with themes that have always explored the human condition…that stand out with clarity of vision that make us stop and acknowledge an instant friendship.”

- Nick Whittle

“…from poem to poem, this book grows…”

- Kamau Brathwaite

"...this slim volume of poems takes a wry look at the stubborn heart and the slings and arrows it suffers for the sake of its moments of pleasure. Worldly but never world-weary, the briefest of these poems are often the best: nervy balancing acts, pirouetting on a silver tightrope suspended over depths either sublime or terrible or both."

-The Caribbean Review of Books

"Saraband...celebrates Caribbean identity, and, particularly, Carib heritage, for the author is a descendent of Chatoyer, an 18th-century chief and St. Vincent's first national hero.... Fascinatingly, Bourne often shifts between Victorian phrases and street-talk: an ex-colonial tic."

- Halifax Chronicle Herald

"Her language is simple, yet her work, on a whole, reflects considerable thought. [Bourne] incorporates classical, literary, historical, religious and even contemporary allusions to wonderful effect while at the same time paying homage to some of the works that have influenced her, each recognition bringing a smile to the lips."

-Groove (in the Nation newspaper)




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