Dead Magicians Club:

by G. D. Morrow


Garadun, Doctor of Demonology, arrives in Thistledale at the behest of his long-time comrade Chip Sandstone, Halfling soldier-of-fortune. Chip has a map he is sure leads to a vast fortune…all they have to do is follow it.

For the quest, all of Garadun’s other adventuring comrades have been called as well: Cera Oakroot, beautiful Elven warrior and Sorcerer in her own right; Red Sandhovel, Chip’s cousin, with a mouth as fast as his fingers; Miranda, the quiet and eerie Necromancer; Treva Lormyr, green-haired courtesan turned explorer; and Bob the Minotaur, whose muscles are only outdone by his gentle manners.

Together, the eclectic band must trek across the wilds of Banba to reach their goal, tested not only by Ogres, Giants and malicious Water Faëries but also by the depth of their friendship, loyalty and love.

Maps is the first in G. D. Morrow’s Dead Magicians Club series of irreverent fantasy-adventure novels.

ISBN 0-9731327-1-X
Pages: 312
Price: $14.00 CDN

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