G.D. Morrow

G. D. Morrow hails from Montreal, the city where he currently resides with his two cats, Kindred and Kenoichi, who insist on sitting on his damn lap while he’s trying to write his offbeat fantasy novels.

He is convinced, due to the long string of weird events of his life, that he is in fact a faerie changeling switched at birth with his human parents’ third child. Switched not to add to the faerie gene pool or as a good joke on mortals but because the faeries felt that he was too bloody weird for even them to keep.

Over the years, he has worked many jobs, including those of commercial illustrator, desktop publisher and computer modeller, although he is most proud of his current position as Master of Evil Plots for the not-even-trying-to-be-secret organization known as Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow.

Maps is his first published work, although he has created countless stories over the years while Gamemastering various role-playing games. It is from these RPGs that he draws his inspiration, and he would like to thank Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson for creating Dungeons & Dragons all those years ago and getting him totally hooked.

G.D. Morrow may be contacted by e-mail at toreador1@videotron.ca.



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